Name Place Card Plaque Cookies

A friend who orders often hosted a luncheon for some ladies and requested cookie name place cards to make the luncheon more special. She also wanted the cookie design to match the china pattern.

To begin, I opted for the plaque cookie cutter, baked six cookies, and iced with plain white royal icing.  Allowing them to dry for 24 hours, minimum because you will be applying the frosting sheet to the icing so you want it hard.

You can accomplish this design a number of ways, but the two easiest ways would be to use the KopyKate Projector, which I don’t have the luxury of having yet or by using a edible printer, which I have.  There are lots of free software applications out there, including the software that came with the printer (no offense, but it’s terrible).  Personally, I like Topperoo, as you get 5 free printables each month, and they work perfectly with the KopyKate Frosting Sheets.

I took the photo of the china pattern my friend had sent and imported the photo to the topperoo template i selected.  Edited it and duplicated it to fill six spaces on the frosting sheet template, so that it will print six individual sheets to place on my six cookies.  Topperoo also allows you to add text, though the font selections are limited.  I opted for a script font and inserted each of the ladies names and printed the sheets with my edible printer.

I cut each frosting sheet with my cookie xacto knife and placed one in the freezer, which makes it really easy to separate from the backing.  Having the cookie a close distance from the freeze, once I’ve applied a thin coat of Edible Glue, I retrieve my frosting sheet from the freezer (with a large butcher knife in hand because it makes it really easy to a) separate the frosting sheet from the backing and b) the smooth, cool surface of a metal knife is more desirable landing zone than a uneven surfaced, warm, hand).  Once I have the frosting sheet over the cookie, gently lift it off the knife so I only handle it or recenter it a few times as possible so that it doesn’t stretch or tear.  Once in place, I then use the xacto knife to remove the edges that may protrude beyond the cookie edges.

To finish the cookie, i use a thick white icing to ice over the edge of the cookie to cover the frosting sheet, so none of the seams are seen.

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