A Minnie-Mouse 3rd Birthday

Who doesn’t love Minnie?  I made this set for a high school friend’s daughter’s 3rd birthday party.  I can’t take credit for the design, as it was inspired by a red, black and white set that I saw on Pinterest. I’d thought about using a circle cutter to make the mouse ears because I’ve done it before, but for the sake of time I ordered a cutter since mouse ears never go out of style.  I can honestly say that I was a bit wary of bold colors against each other due to the previous month’s order disaster (I’ll tell you about that one some other time) so I ordered an Excalibur Dehydrator

And I’ve never looked back.  This was the first set of cookies using the dehydrator and OMG…where have you been all my life??? (the dehydrator, of course).  Seriously, this is worth Every. Single. Penny. I took a few pictures of the minnie cookies in progress, so if you have any questions about the execution, fire away. But I thought I’d tell you about how great of an investment the dehydrator is for cookie decorating and more, for those of you who don’t know about this little gem.

OK, so I suppose I can’t really get out of telling you about the previous month’s disaster if I’m going to convince you the dehydrator is worth is weight in gold.  In a nutshell, I made some white icing based cookies with red, green, blue and yellow designs on the white.  The white base didn’t have enough time to dry and I iced on it.  Not pretty at all.  Slowly, but surely, bleeding set it.  Much to my dismay, it continued to bleed even after the cookies were delivered.  Needless to say, I didn’t charge for those cookies and immediately invested in a dehydrator.  Look, I’m no pro and am the first to admit that.  Mind you, this never happened to me in my early years of decorating, but it happened all the same.  Anyone else ever have a disastrous order?  What did you do?  You made it right.  As best you could.  Thankfully it was only one of the three different cookies that failed me, but it scarred me for life. So, after a bit of reading and research, I purchased a dehydrator.  Do as you must, but I chose the Excalibur Dehydrator

Because it rates the highest in its class and the drawers slide out versus stack, which would not be efficient for its purpose.  Anyway, I cannot say enough about how create this thing is.  First of all, look how shiny the icing is???? You can achieve this by placing a fan near your drying cookies, but I live in a tiny condo so every bit of space is taken.  The fact that I can place the cookies inside while drying also solves my “where do I put all of these cookies while they dry” problem.  Second, just a few minutes in the dehydrator crusts the icing enough so you can ice next to it without it running.  I took extra care when it was black against white or pink, but honestly, this miracle box saved me hours of drying time and they turned out better than any I’d made before in terms of the shine.  I could go on and on and on, but would love to hear your experiences with fans, dehydrators, etc.  What do you swear by to keep colors from bleeding and to make shiny icing?

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