Henna Heart Cookies


A friend wanted some cookies for her granddaughter’s henna themed, 13th birthday party.  8 hearts/8 hands. She ordered the cutters and her idea was to decorate the hands with henna, cut the heart out of the center of the hand, decorated with 13. I normally purchase all cutters myself so that I can ensure its size, delivery time, etc., however because this was a last minute order, she ordered the cutters (hand and heart), and the hand turned out to be rather large.  The cutters were made to be used together in this fashion, but whomever the maker is, clearly hasn’t actually used them to experience how impractical they are together. Primarily so because when the heart shape is cut from the center of the hand, it left little dough around the fingers to support the weight of the cookie and the fingers would break off. (see what I mean in the photo?)

I managed to bake all 8 hands after figuring out it worked best to not cut the heart out until the hand was on the baking pan (so I didn’t have to transfer it, which would cause the dough to break). While I succeeded in baking them, as I iced the first hand, it broke when moving it to the dehydrator.  Cookies break all the time, well…enough times to manage by icing the break well enough so it’s unnoticeable.  However, these were just too large and weak from the heart cut out.

I chose orange and pink as the base icing colors and lots of other colors to decorate the henna.  The designs that make up henna are themselves simple to execute, but the time it takes it A LOT because of the many small details and drying time. Knowing what I was up against, I decided to merely ice the hands with a basic layer of icing and put 13 on these instead.  Then decorating the hearts with henna. Even though I decorated them differently than requested I knew this was the best course of action and my friend would be happy with them regardless.  The big take away for myself was to always select the cutter or evaluate it before it’s purchased (if I’m not buying it).

All in all, they actually turned out beautifully, don’t you think?

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