Swiss Meringue Sugar Stamps


Rosebuds and Thank You Swiss Meringue Sugar Stamps for any Occasion.

Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered

My Favorite Murder podcast cookies for my meet & greet with Karen and Georgia.

Jellycat Bashful Baby Shower Cookies


Baby shower cookie design inspired by the Jellycat Bashful Dog.

Henna Heart Cookies


Henna hand and heart cutters, designed with henna for a 13th birthday.

Basketball & Jersey Numbers Cookie Set


This cookie set was created for my niece’s 13th birthday to share with her @nova94feet basketball teammates.

Name Place Card Plaque Cookies

Six custom place card cookies for a luncheon.

A Minnie-Mouse 3rd Birthday

Minnie Mouse Pink Polka Dots Cookie Set.

The White House Gift Shop Gingerbread Cookies

How my gingerbread cookies made it in The White House Gift Shop window display.